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                          1. Introducing myself with podbean
Just one or two things about me. Since it was my first podcast, I was a little nervous and spoke in a hurry!

2.What I see out of my window created with podomatic
Second time was easier, I really enjoyed the look out of my window. Seems like an excellent idea to use in many circumstances, since it can be added either in the beginning or the end of  writing or oral practicing.

3. My Skype interview
Now this one frightened me the most! I really enjoyed the part when I mixed the jingle with the interview. Now I know I can work in sound editing besides teaching if needed!

         A question for all three moderators with vocaroo
What I asked our  moderators was which do they find more intriguing, teaching in class or in asynchronous/synchronous environment. I agree with the opinion that a blended mix  is what gets the best of both worlds but to reveal a secret at least for the moment I am totally thrilled by online teaching, does it have to to with the excellent job of the moderators?


My Chirbit is from ancient greek times. Demosthenes,the greatest of the Attic orators, as a boy suffered from a speech impediment and he worked at a series of self-designed exercises to overcome it. A common story tells of his talking around mouthfuls of pebbles by the sea shore to improve his diction, but it is unknown whether this is fact or merely a legendary example of his perseverance and determination.
If translated into English, it would go like this : the orator orated the already orated r. 

Check this out on Chirbit


                           My Audioboo mystery person
I learnt about my mystery person through my children who read his books and then the films we saw. Lately I found out that he was a school teacher and some of his books , for instance Spring Heeled Jack, were actually written as theatrical plays for his own students!

via AudioBoo

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