My podcast project

Title: A box full of voices

Main Objective: During the trimester students will collect information about sculpture/statues  in ancient Athens ( 500bC-323bC), and use podcasts to  share the material they will produce and what they have learned by their web quest.

Level: Intermediate

Class type: Primary school students, 10 years old

Aim= To learn how to search information through the web, practice dialogue and interview writing, also practice oral speech

Activity focus:writing and speaking

Time:10-15 minutes, depending of the text form

Material: Internet access, text suite as Open Office and microphone/headphones. Web tools that will be used : Podomatic, class wiki, Glogster, Audioboo, Wall-wisher, Capzles

Procedure: 1. Students search information for the classical era sculpture in ancient Athens through  the internet.
2. Students write on wall-wisher the names of the teams they create and the names of the two sculptures each team will be studying.
3. Students write monologues and dialogues between the sculptures. They also prepare questions for interviewing the sculptors (role playing) and also a history of art professor.
4. Teacher signs up to Podomatic since the students are very young to be provided with mails  and shows  them how to record using the application.
5. Students create their team's page in their class wiki.
6. Teacher shows how to embed audio files in the wiki pages.
7.Teacher shows how to write a reply to a Podomatic audio.
8. Teacher shows how to embed text, pictures and audio files in Glogster.
9. Teacher shows how to record with Audioboo.
10. Students record their dialogues in Podomatic  and Audioboo.
11.Students embed their podcasts in their wiki pages.
12. Students embed their glogs in their wiki pages.
13. Each team chooses another one and listens to their recording. They add comments/questions.
14. Teacher shows how to use Capzles and the teams upload their work .
At the end of the trimester the students present their work using their glogters and capsules to the rest students of the school and their parents organizing a presentation event.
15. Students and teacher evaluate the recordings and the project itself using a rubric.

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  1. What an interesting project, Lenio! I love it! You've done a wonderful job here, the blog design, the colorful background, gadgets, images, podcasts, instructions, etc. Congratulations!!! What I don't see is the promo podcast inviting your readers to visit your blog and follow your project. :-( Will you include it? It would be great to listen to it. :-)

  2. Lenio,

    Very well organized project. I wish you the best of luck. I agree with Eveyln. You have a beautiful blog. I teach elementary school children and hope to conect with your students in the future.

  3. Lovely blog Lenio! I just have to work out which button is the post button ... it's all greek to me ;)